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The Wilhelm Schildmeyer GmbH & Co. KG has existed at its headquarters in Bad Oeynhausen Germany since 1947. In 1991 the second factory in Porta Westfalica went into operation.

70 years after the founding of the company, we set our aims on further successful expansion and at the beginning of 2007, opened factory III in Bad Oeynhausen.

There are currently 170 members of permanent staff working at the three locations.

In 1947 the company founder, Wilhelm Schildmeyer began with the production of kitchen dressers. During the course of the company’s history, the product line-up has been constantly restructured to meet market requirements. Following kitchen furniture, living-room and bathroom furniture were produced.

Today’s furniture production emphasis is in the bathroom sector. We supply national and European customers, who include: Mail order businesses, home improvement stores

discounters, DIY-Store chains and furniture retailers. The company’s strength lies in the flexible and innovative handling of products, that are adjusted and designed to customers’ requirements.

In 1993 the company was handed onto the third generation. Since then, the management lies in the hands of the company directors, Klaus Kemper and Christiane Kemper as well as the technical director, Frank Heuer (Proxy).