Company Philosophy

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Family tradition

The Schildmeyer Company is a family enterprise steeped in tradition that has been carried on from generation to generation for the past 65 years. Klaus Kemper and Christiane Kemper are the third generation directors of the firm and since the integration of the fourth generation in their daughter Elisa Kemper, the Schildmeyer tradition and philosophy are ensured to be continued.

Company anniversaries

Employee fluctuation is low at Schildmeyer. Every year quite a number of workers celebrate their company anniversary. One employee spent 50 years in the firm before going into well-earned retirement. Also 10, 20, and 25 year anniversaries are rather the rule than they are the exception.

Customer orientation

Schildmeyer distinguises itself through a high level of customer orientation. The products are frequently conjointly developed with the customer. In doing so, the customers’ product wishes and current trends are seized upon, converted into furniture ideas and then presented as a prototype.

Staff motivation

At Schildmeyer, great importance is devoted to employee motivation. Through regular events like Christmas Parties, Summer Festivals and Octoberfest, the workforces’ feeling of togetherness is boosted. Additionally, the company newsletter, which appears several times a year, informs not only of developments in the firm but also news of anniversaries, weddings, or success of employees in their hobbies. The company directors work closely with the works commitee and are responsive to employees individual problems.

Energy efficiency

Furthermore, Schildmeyer is big in energy efficiency. Two factories are heated with solid fuel heating systems which are fed with wood chips and shavings from the board machining factory. Talks are being held over the connection to a district heating grid for the factory in Porta Westfalica. The photovoltaic system is currently being investigated and by the purchasing of a new board machining installation, special attention is focused on its energy efficiency.

Flexibility and innovation propensity

In these fast-moving times, flexibility and innovation propensity have top priority. Schildmeyer maintains a market eligibility through its operational principles. The operational and organisational structure with quick decision and handling processes allow efficient cooperation between the prototype, construction and purchasing departments. These are some of the advantages a middle-sized company has over a larger concern.


The company sees itself socially responsible for creating employment. For this reason Schildmeyer employs trainees in the production and commercial sectors to offer young people a chance in the job market. The trainees receive comprehensive knowledge and work their way through all relevant areas of the company.


A substantial assessment criterion for Schildmeyer employees is team ability. Co-operation in all areas is constantly improved upon. Within the individual departments, staff possess extensive competence and skills in order to make quick decisions.