• Historical Photos - Production facility
  • Historical Photos - Production facility
  • Historical Photos - Production facility
  • 2010

    Elisa Kemper

    Photo Elisa Kemper

    Daughter Elisa Kemper
    joins the company.

    Elisa takes charge over
    the exhibition planning,
    advertising and marketing sections.

  • 2007

    Expansion - Factory III

    Photo - Expansion - Factory 3

    Right on schedule with the 60th anniversary, the company expanded in order to cover new business sectors. To do this we opened factory 3 in Bad Oeynhausen in the spring of 2007. The total production area now consisted of 24.000m² The fortunes of the firm lie in the hands of the directors, Klaus Kemper & Christiane Kemper and also the technical director and proxy, Frank Heuer.

  • 2007

    50th anniversary

    Photo - Party 50 Years Schildmeyer

    The 50th anniversary of the firm was greatly celebrated with business associates, personell and their families in the Porta Westfalica complex.

  • 1994

    Factory building

    Photo - Airview Factory 2

    The factory buildings in Porta Westfalica were expanded by 7.900m² making available a total area including offices of 12.400m².

  • 1993

    Christiane Kemper

    Photo Christiane Kemper

    The company was handed over
    to the daughter of the Piepenbring
    family Christiane Kemper.

  • 1991

    Commercial boom

    Schildmeyer participated in the commercial boom that followed the integration of the newly handed over former east German states. Yet another expansion was necessary but no more land was available in the Lohe industrial estate. A new building was erected in Porta Westfalica to facilitate the increase of production capacity. The new complex had an area of 3.000m² and the number of employees rose to 65.

  • 1985

    Klaus Kemper

    Photo Klaus Kemper

    The son-in-law
    Klaus Kemper
    joined the firm.

  • 1977

    Schildmeyer on success

    Photo - building extension

    Schildmeyer succeeded further and another extension was required. The building property was sloped and the extension had to be a two-storey construction. There were now 4.500 m² available for production, warehouse and offices.

  • 1972

    New building

    Photo 1972 Factoy 1

    Schildmeyer applied for permission to build another extension to the firm. However this was refused because the company was situated in a residential area. The decision was made to erect new buildings on the “Lohe industrial estate”. Propery was bought in „Loher Busch” and the first building with 1.400m² was erected.

  • 1965

    Redirection of production

    The production was shifted to home furnishing and the first bathroom units were tried out but not accepted. The manufacture of kitchen products was stopped because fitted kitchens were becoming greater in demand and the capacity at Schildmeyer was insufficient.

  • 1960

    Piepenbring's übernehmen Firma

    Photo Erika Piepenbring

    Alfred Piepenbring and
    his wife Erika took over
    the running of the company.

  • 1959

    Factory building extended

    Photo - Aerial View 1959 - Extension Factory Building

    The factory buildings in Triften Street were extended to 500m². Additionally a “woodshed” with 100m² for storage was erected. Meanwhile the company had 20 employees.

  • 1956

    First factory extension

    The first factory extension next to the residence with 250m².

  • 1954

    Future son-in-law joined

    Photo Alfred Piepenbring

    The future son-in-law
    Alfred Piepenbring
    joined the company.

  • 1947

    Launch of company

    Photo Wilhelm Schildmeyer

    Production was carried out in the hallway and loft of the family home in Triften street, once a farmhouse with a generous hallway. Two workers, one of them an apprentice, were employed. Kitchen dressers were the first products made, then later the so-called “Swedish kitchen”, the forerunner of the later known “Fitted kitchen”.