Joining the Furniture Club

End of June the management of Schildmeyer decided to become a member of the Furniture Club.

The Furniture Club is an organization of medium sized companies of the furniture branch in Germany. The aim is, to force exports into european and overseas countries. We think it makes sense to contact other medium sized companies in Germany for sharing and assisting, as per statement Chritiane Kemper, management. There will be two meetings per year for the member companies and also for the companies which are interested in membership.

The second balance point of the Furniture Club is to establish contacts between members in the european countries and adjoining foreign countries.

Every year two countries are chosen as main priorities.

This year Russia and the Ukraine were chosen.

In October there will be a workshop. Here these two countries are introduced to the members, the local structures are explained, concerning talks with trading, industrial and brand presentation representatives


Appointment Mrs. Kemper: We hope to raise our export rate and also boost additional business by the membership in the Furniture Club.

Particulary Schildmeyer expects a good cooperation and looks forward to common projects in the future.


Environment & Conservation

These are very important topics for us as furniture manufacturers! The sustainable usage of resources, the conservation of natural habitat as well as a contribution to climate protection are an integral part of our company philosophy. In our company we only exclusively process wood products whose origins can be proven to have been acquired from approved sources and do not come from controversial suppliers. PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes).

Energy efficiency

Logo Schildmeyer grass green

The issue of energy efficiency is being actively addressed at Schildmeyer.

When purchasing, energy consumption is reviewed and considered in the selection of new equipment. The heating in two of the three Schildmeyer factories have been switched from gas to wood years ago.

The heating fuel is our own waste products, wood chips and shavings. To further advance this issue, an energy-efficiency analysis is currently being carried out by an external consultant.